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How Long is Welding School?

Receiving your training at either a local trade school or through an apprenticeship opens the door to relatively quick training that can lead to a stable career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for welders is expected to remain somewhat steady throughout the next decade, with an additional estimated 42,600 job openings for welders each year.

How Long is Welding Trade School?

You can expect to complete welding training in about 7 months to 2 years, depending on the program you choose, and whether or not you enroll full time. A certificate training program can take as little as 7 months for full time students. An associate degree in welding technology can last 2 years.

Read welding certificate vs associate degree programs for more information about the different types of programs.

If you're going to attend welding school on a part-time basis, then the timing of your graduation will depend on your schedule and availability. If you do have prior welding experience, then you may be able to finish your program earlier than expected.

With prior experience, it is possible to appeal to the school, asking for an exception through a course waiver. There are also accelerated programs that can be faster and involve more intense training.

Sometimes, you'll get credits toward your apprenticeship too (possibly up to 2 out of the normally required 5 years) if you choose the appropriate accredited welding training course. Apprenticeships can be competitive, so do your best to showcase your skill set in your resume and include any strengths that can make you stand out in the process.

Example Trade School Welding Program Lengths

The following information was found on our partner school's official websites or most recent catalog.

  • Tulsa Welding School The professional welding program takes 7 months for a full time student.
  • Fortis The undergraduate certificate in welding technology takes 48 weeks to complete.
  • Centura College The combination welding diploma program takes 12 months to complete.
  • Delta Technical College The journeyman welder program takes 30 weeks (7 months) to finish.
  • Lincoln Tech The welding technology program takes about 43 weeks (about 10 months) to complete on a daytime schedule.
  • Midwest Technical Institute The journeyman welder program takes 7 months to complete.
  • South Texas Vo-Tech The combination welding program takes 40 weeks to complete.
  • Southern Technical College The associate of science in welding technology program is 72 weeks in length.
  • The Refrigeration School The welding specialist program takes about 7 months for a full time student to finish.
  • UEI College The welding program takes about 9.5 months to finish.

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Other Welding Certifications

Consider getting different types of certifications in the various types of welds like MIG, TIG and Stick. Doing so lets you specialize in certain areas and can make you more attractive to potential employers. The more versatile you are, the more likely it may be for you to land the job you want. 

Tip: Talk to the people who already hold a welding job you are interested in. Ask them about their education and find out what they attribute their success to. They'll be able to tell you about the time, commitment, and other skills needed to find success in your own career path.

As with any job, the sooner you begin training, the sooner you should be able to find a welding job that you enjoy!


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