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​Master The Trade: Benefits Of TIG Welding

TIG welding, or tungsten inert gas welding, is a truly artistic form of welding. TIG welds are very fine and delicate, taking more time and expertise than wire-fed MIG welds. The process is extremely rewarding for several reasons — aside from how aesthetically pleasing TIG welds appear. 

Why Learn TIG Welding?

TIG welding can be used on the largest amount of metals and metal alloys, more than any other welding process. You can TIG weld on stainless steel, steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, copper, brass, bronze, magnesium, and even gold. TIG welding is used for bicycle frames, toolboxes, wagons, fenders on vehicles, door handles, and even lawn mowers, as well as artwork.

A TIG welder allows you to make clean welds while controlling the heat input by pressing on a foot pedal. Adjusting the heating or cooling of the weld puddle gives you the precise welding bead control. TIG welders are easy to set up and available in different amounts of power for heavy pipes and metals or lighter metals.

TIG welding has several advantages:

  • There are no sparks or spatters as long as your material is clean and dry.
  • You leave no flux or slag behind that you would need to clean up after the weld is made.
  • There is no smoke when you are TIG welding, unless your materials have oil, grease, paint, zinc, or lead, on them.

Another benefit of TIG welding is that you use Argon gas as your shielding gas for every single application of a weld, no matter which metal or alloy you are welding on. Argon works well for all thicknesses of materials too.

You can make TIG welds in any position necessary for your project. You can flat weld, vertical weld, horizontal weld, and even overhead weld with a TIG welder. This makes the TIG process perfect for when you are inside a confined area, such as a pressure vessel or cage.

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Learning the fine art of TIG welding and how the benefits of precise bead control can promote your welding career. You'll be able to land the widest variety of jobs in the welding field since you can work with the most kinds of metals and alloys!

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