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Welding is a career that holds a lot of good things for you. Every situation you work on will be slightly different, making it an interesting career. You can earn a good living, and you don't need years of schooling to rise to the top of your trade. And within the trade, welding inspectors are among the top in position, since they check the work of others.

What Are Welding Inspectors?

Welding inspectors make sure that the work done is up to local building code and executed correctly. According to the American Welding Society, you’ll monitor safety regulations, verify paperwork, and inspect the work environment and welds as they are done and after they are finished. You can also be called in to evaluate and troubleshoot a structural problem or do an analysis of a structural failure.

Certified Welding Inspector Training

To become a certified welding inspector, a person must have a combination of classroom and practical experience. The work experience needed varies between 1-12 years, depending on the highest completed level of education. For example, a high school graduate requires 5 years’ experience; a person with an associate degree or higher in engineering or a related field requires just 3 years of experience.

Welding Inspector Certification Exam

In order to sit for the certification exam, you must have the required combination of education and practical experience and pass a vision test. The testing fee is not cheap. Currently, it ranges from $850 to $1,065, so it's important to be as prepared for the test as you can be.

That's where online and classroom seminars and prep classes come in handy. Training classes give you an overview of the material covered on the exam as well as a chance to tackle sample questions. Knowing what to expect during the exam can increase your odds of passing it dramatically.

Get The Knowledge For The Role

In 2019, welders made an average pay of $45,190, and the top 10% made $64,240 (bls.gov). According to Ziprecruiter.com, the national average for certified welding inspectors is $64,197, and extends up to a pay of $94,000. 

career as a certified welding inspector is a well-paying job in a dynamic, hardly boring environment. If you've been thinking about changing careers or starting yours, then now is a great time to invest in yourself.

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