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Click through to learn about different careers in welding. Popular careers include welding technician, underwater welding, pipe welder, structural welder, welding engineer, and welding inspector. Decided on a career? Find a welding school near you.

  • Welding Technician
    Learn about welding technology school programs, welder duties, job projections and how much money a welding technician can make.
  • Pipe Welder
    As a welder you gain a competitive edge with each new specialization you achieve. The 6G pipe welding certification is no different.
  • Structural Welder
    Learn about structural welder job duties, trade school programs, career projections, and how much money they can make.
  • Underwater Welder
    Far from a typical desk job, your office location will vary from offshore pipes and oil rigs to inland dams and bridges.
  • Welding Engineer
    Learn about welding engineer duties, trade school programs, career projections and salary information.
  • Welding Inspector
    Welding inspectors know every type of weld, what is required, and how it must be completed.
  • Sheet Metal Worker

    Sheet metal is used for a variety of things in our daily lives, from the structures we live and work in, to the equipment used to control the temperature inside of it, and beyond.