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Future Of The Welding Industry Bright For Certified Welders

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Choosing a career in the welding industry opens you up to a wide variety of options. It could mean working as a welder in auto manufacturing or maintaining a wide variety of machinery. You could be constructing bridges or pipelines, or so many other kinds of structures.

Truly, anywhere metal needs to be joined is a place for you! The sky's the limit when it comes to a career as a welder.

Is The Future Of Welding Stable?

Welding has been around since 4,000 B.C., so with that history, it would be safe to say it’s a career that will be around for a long time. In the areas of manufacturing, technology, and construction, there will always be a need for individuals certified in welding.

There is such a tremendous shortage of welders entering the field that it is almost considered a crisis, causing the American Welding Society to issue scholarships and grants to those choosing welding as their career.

Coming out of school in as few as 10 months with little to no debt and diving headfirst into a career is very enticing!

Will Robots Take Over Welding Jobs?

Robotics may be able to replicate the human version of a welder, but there still needs to be an actual person to repair and program those robots. The welder robots are programmed within stiff parameters, so a job that requires multiple tasks performed is most definitely fit for a flesh and blood welder. Robots may work alongside welders, but they won’t be taking over the field any time soon. There is no need to worry about Skynet here!

How Do Welding Employment Opportunities Look?

The welding industry needs you! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of welders is projected to grow 8 percent through 2030. Job prospects will vary with your skill level, and those trained in the latest technologies will have the best opportunities.

What Kind Of Paycheck Do Welders Earn?

Going into the welding industry brings in a decent living wage. The average annual pay for welders in 2021 was $48,290, according to BLS. Underwater welders and military support welders can both make over $100,000 a year. The more specialized in the welding industry you are, the better the pay can be.

When it comes to choosing a career in welding, your future is now! To get started, fill out our application to be connected with welding classes near you, at no cost.

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