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​Welding And NASA

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As the world progresses, technology becomes more advanced, and new discoveries are made. More job opportunities are presenting themselves to eager applicants willing to learn. The same can be said for the welding industry—new technology and more complex ideas require a welder’s expertise.

Discoveries Depend On You

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has presented multiple opportunities for aspiring welders to make an impact with their work. With new advancements and technologies emerging every day in the world of NASA, projects involving master welders are becoming more prevalent.

The world of science wants to make discoveries outside of our own planet. In order to do so, spaceships and advanced technology must be created and produced to ensure a successful journey to the destination and back. This process takes time, creativity, and faculty with expertise in a number of different fields. Without researchers, developers, welders, and many more, NASA’s discoveries so far would not have been possible.

The welding industry is growing within the aeronautical world. Recently, NASA created the largest spacecraft welding tool in the world. Known as the Vertical Assembly Center, this welding device stands 170 feet tall and 78 feet wide. It is currently being used to build the core of the next rocket.

With this advancement in the welding world, only time will tell what new technology NASA and other large corporations will be equipped with. Having the success of the Vertical Assembly Center has made way for additional welding tools to be created. This will ultimately make way for multiple welding jobs to open up.

Join The Ranks

As you go through welding training, keep your eyes on the lookout for beneficial job opportunities that will likely appear on the market. NASA may have the advantage of being the top aeronautical and space administration, but you can be the expert welder—showcase your skills after school!

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