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Unique Careers In Welding

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Welding is a good career that lets you get your hands a little dirty, and for the right people, welding can be really exciting. With a welding career, there are many opportunities in many different fields. 

We'll show you some unusual welding work you can find after local training.

Rise Above or Dive Below

Rocket ships and submarines need experienced welders to keep them running, both in space and under the sea. Working for huge institutions like National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) or the US military can be both challenging and rewarding—not to mention thrilling.

To perform repairs on ships or underwater vessels, you'll need to become a certified diver, which is certainly not a standard for many other careers! If you choose to work with spacecrafts, you will have bragging rights of another sort. How many people can say they've made something that's been to the farthest corners of our galaxy?

Underground welding is also an option. These welders produce equipment like large hadron colliders that sit several hundred feet below the Earth's surface. Any of these career choices would be excellent for someone looking for a challenge. 

The Gadgets in Our Lives

Robotics and military equipment also need skilled welders. Working in either industry comes with its own set of perks. When you really love what you're working on, it makes a job more meaningful.

Oil rig welding puts you close to the ocean, which makes for a scenic environment every day you come to work. Powerful stock race cars bring joy to both the drivers and race spectators. You’ll feel involved when you know you worked on the winning car!

Train in as Few as 10 Months 

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to welding techniques, which means lots of different kinds of work. Think about which corner of the profession appeals most to you! As you might imagine, some of these jobs are highly prized, so they could be tough to land without good training.

If you want to work for NASA, then consider going to school in Houston so you're close enough to make the right relationships. If you want to work on oil rigs, then you may have to live by the coast first.

Whatever you want to do, plan it out as far ahead as possible, and find a school near you to be career-ready for entry level work in as few as 10 months. You will gain experience quickly with every weld you do. 

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