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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay for welders in 2019 was $45,190. But there are three different welding jobs that pay much more than the average welder’s salary. These jobs out earn many medical field salaries, even. Here are three of the highest paid welding jobs in the world and their descriptions.

Military Support Welder

Military support welders earn a minimum of $160,000 annually. Your job as a military support welder is to repair and maintain military ships, buildings, or equipment by working with a variety of metals. You may also specialize even more and work on repairing space stations and broken satellites.

You may work in faraway places or, just as easily, at a base close to your home. It all depends on opportunity and your area of interests.

Industrial Pipe Welder

Industrial pipe welders work on a variety of different pipes. Gas, chemical, water, and power generators are the major ones. These pipes need constant maintenance to work properly and prevent any unnecessary accidents.

The big money for industrial pipe welders comes into play when you work overseas for large companies. Oil companies in the Middle East and “green” companies are growing fastest, and the paychecks reflect that. You’ll earn anywhere between $50,000-$185,000. This all depends on the company and the location you’re working.

Underwater Welder

An underwater welder can collect the biggest salary of more than $200,000 annually, although many will make between $49,890 and $119,830, according to BLS. Your workplace is located on the ocean floor, so a love for water is a requirement for this branch of welding. Underwater welders take care of the pipes in oil drilling stations and make sure there are no leaks in projects under the water.

Due to the conditions underwater welders face, you must be in top physical condition as well as obtain top training and certification.

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To become a welder of any kind, you must have a high school diploma or GED, and you must have the appropriate amount of classroom time and paid on-the-job experience. Welders must be certified as well. To learn more about becoming a welder, fill out the form so a representative from one of our partner schools can contact you to answer any of your questions.

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