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Welders Earned More in 2022! (2023 Data)

In April 2023, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released information about wage statistics for all occupations and industries in the United States for 2022. According to the report, average wages for welders increased to $50,460 last year. This is an improvement from $48,290 in 2021 and $46,690 in 2020. 

We’ve gathered all the information about the top paying states and industries for welders. Read on to learn more. 

Top States for Welders

  • Texas - 48,380
  • California - 31,510
  • Ohio - 18,240
  • Wisconsin - 18,080

States that employ the most welders have high concentrations of manufacturing, oil production, and other industries that require welders. 

Highest Paying States for Welders

  • Alaska - $ 71,790
  • Hawaii - $ 70,500
  • Wyoming - $ 65,730
  • District of Columbia - $ 60,780

The highest paying states for welders tend to have higher cost of living, like Hawaii and Alaska, which results in higher pay. However, some states like Wyoming have a higher demand for welders.  

Top Industries for Welders

Industries that employ the most welders:

  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing - 67,120
  • Machinery Manufacturing - 58,500
  • Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing - 26,520

Highest Paying Industries for Welders

  • Water, Sewage and Other Systems - $ 141,800
  • Scheduled Air Transportation - $ 96,730
  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution - $ 96,610

Employment Outlook for Welders

The outlook for welders is predicted to remain steady through 2031. Because of the rising demand for renewed infrastructure, pipelines, and manufacturing, the demand for welders will remain steady. With pay for welders continuing to rise, there’s never been a better time to become a welder! Find welding training in your area here.

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