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Salary Increasing in the Welding Career Field

Salary Increasing in the Welding Career Field

There are many career options in the welding field and with an increase in salary, now is a great time to join the trade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on March, 31 2021 that the average salary for welders, cutters, solderers and brazers increased to $46,690 in 2020. This is approximately 3% higher than the average salary reported in 2019. Read on to learn more about the industries and states in which you can find the most welding jobs and highest average salaries.

States and Industries with Highest Pay for Welders

If you’re looking for the best pay, the five states with the highest average salaries are Alaska, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Alaska offers the highest average salary of $71,860.

No matter where you’re located though, there is an opportunity to make good money in the welding field. The highest paying industries include:

  • Scheduled Air Transportation
  • Natural Gas Distribution
  • Electric Power Generation Transmission and Distribution
  • Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing
  • Other Pipeline Transportation

The average salaries in these industries ranged from $68,840 to $92,230 in 2020.

Top Industries and States for Welding Employment

Many welding job opportunities are found in the fabricated metal product, machinery, and motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing industries. Average salaries in these industries ranged from $41,180 to $ 44,610 in 2020. Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contracting is another industry that employs many welders and offers an average salary of $49,520.

Aside from the type of industry you work in, location is another factor that can impact your salary. The top five states with the highest welding employment are Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Average welder salaries in these states ranged from $43,610 to $49,130 in 2020.

Join the Welding Career Field

A salary increase is promising news for those looking to join the welding field. If you think a career in welding could be a good fit for you, connect with your local school today to learn more about training.


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