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Pay for Welders is Going Up!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent data release on March 31, 2022 reported that wages for welders have increased in 2021. Wages increased to $48,290 for welders in 2021, which is an improvement from average annual wages in 2020 of $46,690. This is about 3.4% growth, indicating that demand for Welders is high and that it will continue to increase.

States with the Highest Pay for Welders

Alaska     $70,490
Hawaii     $66,020
Wyoming     $63,280
North Dakota     $57,550

Welding pay is higher in areas where there is a higher cost of living and high demand for welders. States like Wyoming and North Dakota are very important in oil and gas industries. 

Cities with the Highest Pay for Welders

Fairbanks, AK     $72,500
Anchorage, AK     $71,840
Urban Honolulu, HI     $66,920
Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI     $64,430

States with the Most Welders 

States not attached to the continental United States, such as in Alaska or Hawaii, typically have higher cost of living. Because of the higher demand for workers and high cost of living in these areas, welders tend to be compensated higher.

The cities and states with the highest number of welders tend to have a higher concentration of manufacturing and industries that require welding.

Texas     46,580 workers
California     30,080
Ohio     17,710
Pennsylvania     17,320

Cities with the Most Welders

Houston-The Woodlands-Sugarland, TX     15,110 workers
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX     10,220
Chicago, IL-Naperville, IN-Elgin, WI     9,160
Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, CA     8,900

Industries with the Most Welders 

Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing     67,700 workers
Natural Gas Distribution     58,150
Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing     24,110

Top Paying Industries for Welders

Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution     $92,130
Natural Gas Distribution     $88,940
Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil     $87,900

Employment Outlook

The outlook for welders is good through 2030, and will rise at a steady rate of 8%. This translates to about 34,100 new job openings in the next 10 years. New infrastructure is in high demand, and welders will be very important to renewing vital infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, and more.

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