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As a welder, you can gain a competitive edge with each specialization in which you obtain training. The 6G pipe welding certification is no different. In fact, you become uniquely valuable as the 6G pipe welding certification is considered a more difficult welding certification exam to pass. The reason - the pipe is at a 45 degree angle and does not move.

Pipe Welder Exam, Learn the Codes

Passing the prescribed exam qualifies a welder to weld pipes and plates, including the five pipe welding positions, and two different types of joints. Passing the 6G certification test requires the completion of a weld in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions, and generally requires both the right and left hand as the guiding hand.

Whether you are welding a high-pressure pipe, a high purity pipe, or pipe for the oil and gas industry, pipe welders are required to adhere to strict safety codes, and take certain precautions to avoid possible defects in the finished weld.

Pipe Welder Certification

To gain a pipe welding certification, the right training from the right school is the first step. The American Welding Society offers testing for 6G certification pipe welding, and works with other testing organizations.

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