How to become a certified welding inspector

Life is full of checks and balances, and welding is no exception. Pretty much everything around us was somehow touched by a welder, from cars to bridg... Continue Reading..

Top 4 welding processes

Welding is a method of permanently joining two similar metals together through high temperatures. Its used in almost every industry from farming to... Continue Reading..

12 interesting facts about welding

Find  a school wth welding training.Welding has been around for centuries in one form or another. It dates back as far as the Bronze Age and is... Continue Reading..

What is laser welding?

The process of welding has been around since the Bronze Age and has been in a constant state of evolution ever since. Now, instead of melting bronze a... Continue Reading..

The metals of welding

The title, metals of welding, sounds like a fantasy novel or a heavy metal cover band! Although those would be cool, so are the different types of met... Continue Reading..

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